State of the writer

Two down, one more to go!

The synopsis for Drum Mage is complete, if a little wordy (5 pages, single spaced). I now know what happened and where I went wrong, and about two and a half chapters are coming out of what I’d already written. Not a problem, because there can be more from Steven and Nick, and one of those pulled chapters can be the first chapter of another book. It’s a good lead in. I just need to see what that book is about. Which will involve learning more about Boston. Good thing I know a bunch of people who live there.

Now the worldbuilding for Tales from the Arena is underway. I love worldbuilding — it’s so much FUN to figure out how everything works together in a culture, creating a social structure and a religion, working out the ins-and-outs of society. I’ve always been fascinated with cultural anthropology, so much so that I wanted to minor in gthe subject in college. (My advisor said no. For some reason, he thought that me having a double major was enough of a courseload.)

Once the worldbuilding is done, then I can write the two short stories that will help introduce the world to the potential writers¬† (Rise of the Ishkarin and Playing for Keeps). Then I can put together the proposal and we’ll see what happens.

Two weeks left in summer vacation, and the to-dos are almost all ta-das.



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