cover reveal

Cover reveal!!!


Matthias has spent his whole life on the edge of a very small world. The bastard child of a fallen woman, he’s known nothing but judgment and hatred from the harsh, religious people of his enclave—except for Balthazar. The son and heir of the High Elder, Balthazar shows Matthias kindness, love… and desire. But when the High Elder discovers what his son has been doing, Matthias is arrested and sent to an isolated prison known as the School. There, and in the wastelands beyond, Matthias learns the secrets behind the hypocrisies of the Council of Elders, and his true heritage, true power, and true love. (M/M, M/F)

Coming September 8th. You can preorder it now through Forbidden Fiction. And if everything works out right, I’ll have copies at Speculative Fiction:South East.

The fun thing is when they told me that they wanted a map for the cover, I drew it out. With a dip-pen. Because that’s what would have been used to draw the map in the book. And because I’m a dork. The map in the background is based on the map that I drew (and is much nicer. Mine was a hot mess,)

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