Ummm… hi…

Been absent a while.  Part of it was that right after I finished writing Written in Water, and immediately after I printed the manuscript for editing, my laptop died. Near as we can tell, the motherboard went, and took the SSD with it. When we took the SSD and mounted it in another computer, there was no there there.  I had just backed up my files, so I didn’t lose anything but some old emails (because I had to forget to back up just one thing…)

I’m now on my new baby — a very nice Lenovo Thinkpad. My first writing computer was a Thinkpad, and it lasted seven years and five novels. The two Dells I’ve had since then? Not so much. (The one that just fried was not even two years old. A refurb, so no warranty.)

While waiting for the new laptop, I finished my read-through on Written in Water, passed it on to another editor, and now have all the edits and suggestions back. I’ll be incorporating those in to the manuscript, and hope to have an ebook ready to go by Valentines Day.

There was also this holiday… I can say that the extra ticket events like Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party are indeed worth it.

There were treat stations (sadly, not much was offered that was both gluten free AND chocolate free, but when I spoke to Guest Relations about that, they comped us some lovely treats from the Confectionary). They also pulled out all the stops for the fireworks, and (according to a certain young man of my acquaintance) launched everything but the cow! It was daylight-bright in Fantasyland at 10PM.

I can say that I have a new favorite restaurant in the Magic Kingdom — Skipper’s Canteen is a MUST. The food is much more interesting than anywhere else in this park, and the schtick reminds me of the late-lamented Adventurer’s Club. For example, I had the Sustainable Fish (Not Pirhana). It SAYS that on the menu!

So, what am I up to now? Well, the synopsis of Forged in Fire is almost done. I’m just about to the big reveal, which leads directly to the black moment that will lead us into Bones of Earth. I’ll be starting Forged in Fire probably in a week or so, so there might not be a break in the action over on Patreon once Written in Water ends. I’m gearing up to start Table of Stone, too, so I can bring Swords of Charlemagne to a close. I’ve got a busy 2019 ahead, and I can’t wait!

And that’s where I am in my little corner of writer land.

What do you think?

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