Work in Progress: Bones of Earth

Bones of Earth
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 3

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I forgot to blog last week. Bad Liz. No Liz biscuit.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I can’t say much, other than… umm… BUSY! And no, it’s not writing related. Or RWA related.

Just… busy.

There’s been writing, though. And I’m starting to see the end to Bones of Earth. So I need to figure out what happens in Wings of Air, and quickly. So I’ll be getting on to that synopsis hopefully as soon as I finish my taxes. I’m going to go out on a limb and say Bones of Earth will be out in print in May or thereabouts.

After that, I have a few priorities:

  • Write Wings of Air
  • Write John Zebedee (due December)
  • Sell or otherwise publish Swords of Charlemagne.
  • Series plan for Flesh and Blood (the BDSM vampire series)
  • Figure out what will go on with the Patreon once I’m done with Heir to the Firstborn.

That last one may be me reviving one of the two things that I started and never finished. I think The Willow Sword might be the next Patreon serial. We’ll see, though. That one stalled out hard when I started writing it the first time. Maybe going back to it and rewriting it for serialization will fix whatever was broken.

And since there’s not much else to say, and I need to get myself moving, I’ll leave you with a tiny snippet from Bones of Earth that amused me to no end when I wrote it.

Owyn woke up. That surprised him enough that, for a long moment, all he could do was stare at the shadowed ceiling over him, marveling at the experience of just breathing. He’d woken up. That meant he was alive.

How the fuck had that happened?

What do you think?

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