Work in Progress: The Lady and the Sword. Week 1

Back to work for me! I started in on The Lady and the Sword, which is the working title of book two of The Swords of Charlemagne.

The Lady and the Sword
Swords of Charlemagne, Book 2

I started by rereading Hidden Things (aka book one). I didn’t realize that I’d missed Roland until I started rereading. Yes, I have a new favorite character. Made some notes of things that need to be addressed when I get edits back, updated the series bible (yes, I have one now!), and got started.

Sort of.

It’s starting slowly. Partly because I started in the wrong place, and partly because this week has been a little crazy, and the writing time hasn’t been there. Research takes up way too much time, then little disasters happen, and when I get to sit down, I don’t have as much time as I want to figure things out. But, since I wasn’t planning on actually starting this book for another two weeks, I’m okay with starting slow.

There’s not enough written yet for an excerpt. Hopefully, there will be one for you next week. But maybe not — next weekend I’ll be attending Coastal Magic, in Daytona Beach. So we’ll see if I get to write a post next weekend.

If I don’t write one Sunday, I’ll fill in on Monday morning.



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