Work in Progress: The White Raven, week 10

And… I’m officially behind.  Another off week, and I’m now just about a thousand words behind where I should be at this stage. I’ll be working on making that up this coming week.

The White Raven
Week Ten Total Wordcount

Things I learned this week? Fight scenes take longer for me to write than sex scenes, but it’s for the same reason — blocking. Figuring out what’s happening where, and who is doing what to whom, takes time. Here’s hoping that once I get through this fight scene that things speed up.

Instead of an excerpt this week, have a short story — my only Christmas story to date: Snowbound.  If you like it, it is included in the Circlet anthology Jingle Balls.

It’s late here, and things are going to start early here. To everyone out there in the virtual world, have a Merry Christmas. (If you don’t celebrate Christmas, have a fantastic holiday that you do celebrate!)

What do you think?

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