Work in Progress: The White Raven

The current work in progress is The White Raven, a sequel to my first novel, Princes of Air.  As I work, I’m going to be posting regular updates on my progress. This will, I hope, keep me on track — important, since I have four books to write in the next two years.

The White Raven
Week one wordcount


It was early enough that there was still a sharp chill in the mountain air, still thin shreds of fog lingering over the urla. The figure moving through them was pale enough that he could have been made out of fog, his white feather cloak and pale hair making him look like a ghost. It was still quiet within the walls. Lorcan liked the quiet and the early morning fog, the stillness that came before the world woke. He liked the way the air tasted, the way it smelled, before the silence was broken by the sounds of his family’s voices and his uncle’s forge.

Lorcan stopped in the center of the urla and closed his eyes. He wasn’t sure what the difference was. He’d tried to explain it to his father, but the Raven King had listened, then shook his head. He didn’t understand. It wasn’t the first time — Lorcan knew he was different. Not just in looks, but something inside. He was different from the other ravens, and it changed the way he saw the world. This wonderfully rich silence, for example. It was something he had experienced nowhere else — not in the village of Scath, only a few miles away, not in the High King’s baile, nor anywhere in the druid’s college. It was a peace that he only knew in Dun Morrigan, and then only in the brief time between when the world woke and the family did. He couldn’t explain it, so he savored it. This was his time. His alone.

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