Works in Progress: Table of Stone and Forged in Fire, week sixteen

Table of Stone
Swords of Charlemagne, Book 4

63017 / 85000 (74.14%)

Forged in Fire
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 2

65501 / 85000 (77.06%)

Okay, I’m going to admit it.

I’m hitting the EEK part of the writers journey. The one that sees the deadline looming on the horizon, and the book isn’t anywhere NEAR finished yet.

I might have to focus solely on Table of Stone for a few weeks. Thankfully, I’ve got up to chapter 20 queued up for Forged in Fire. However, if I focus on Table of Stone, that means I might not get Forged in Fire done in time to have hard copies ready for Indie Bookfest.

Like I said, EEK!

And while I’m talking about Forged in Fire, chapter 17 has some what-the-fuckery that made the first reader/husband come into my office and say “What’s the heck was THAT???? Where did THAT come from?” It will, I hope, make sense in the long run. For now, we’ll see what the Patrons say when the chapter goes live. (Want to be in the room when that happens? You can, you know. Just join me on Patreon!)

Also on my to-do list is prep for my panels at Oasis. I’ll be moderating two panels, and I’m looking forward to them (especially the one on self-publishing!) If you’ll be in Orlando at the end of May/beginning of April, come check out the convention!

What do you think?

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