Works in Progress: Table of Stone and Forged in Fire, week fifteen

And we’re in the home stretch… sort of.

Table of Stone
Swords of Charlemagne, Book 4

57749 / 85000 (67.94%)

Forged in Fire
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 2

60505 / 85000 (71.18%)
I have exactly 27 days to finish Table of Stone. Which means that I’m going to be nose to the grindstone until the end of May. I’m also going to be nose to the grindstone for the next two days, because I’m just under 4K words from my goal for the month. I can do it!
I’m also prepping for Oasis, which is coming up at the end of May. I got my panel schedule:

Friday, May 31st:

5:00 PM — The Monster Panel: What is Going On in the World of SFF

8:00 PM — Wait Wait Don’t  Tell Me

Saturday, June 1st:

12:00 PM —  Ordinary People     (moderating)

2:00 PM —  Self Publishing        (moderating)

9:00 PM  — Writing Sex Scenes in Science Fiction and Fantasy     (with two of my favorite people to be on this panel with — Aria Kane and Elle E. Ire. This is going to be FUN!)

Sunday, June 2nd

10:00 AM  Tropes We Never Want to See Again

I will also have a table in the dealer’s room, so if I’m not on a panel, you can find me there! And if I am on a panel, you can find my books at the table, and I’ll sign them for you when I get back. I will also have beads at the table — BOXES of beads.

(memo to me — order more copies of House of Sable Locks. I’m almost out!)

Right. Of to the grindstone! These words won’t just write themselves!

What do you think?

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