Works in Progress: Table of Stone and Forged in Fire, week thirteen

Been a slow week. Like… really slow. Like, didn’t break three thousand words added to either project slow.

Table of Stone
Swords of Charlemagne, Book 4

Forged in Fire
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 2

 In my defense, it was my birthday week. I finally got out to see Captain Marvel (Oh, is THAT where the alien from TAHITI came from?) and we found a new Lebanese restaurant that does amazing gluten free food, and that’s right in our backyard (they’ve apparently only been open a month.)

So I had a good birthday week, and a slightly less than good writing week. And a considerably less than good pain week.  Yup, the shoulder.

Look, if you can avoid rotator cuff tears and frozen shoulder, do so. They suck. I’ll be calling my orthopedist tomorrow about what the next step might be. I might have to wait another couple of weeks to see if the PT starts working (since it’s only been two weeks and PT usually runs 4-6 weeks), but if there’s anything they can do in the meantime? Let’s do that. It might mean a cortizone shot, which I’m looking forward to with about the same amount of enthusiasm as a root canal or four more years of Trump. Well, maybe more enthusiasm than the latter.

This week promises some uninterrupted writing time (here’s to getting the car serviced!) as well as some tests of patience (Home Owners Association annual homeowners meetings. Ours tend to resemble an adaptation of Lord of the Flies, one set in a WWE Cage Match, best two falls out of three.) Here’s hoping that this weeks words turn out to be as interesting!


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