Works in Progress, Week Fifteen (and one day)

I’m late. I know. There’s been drama. It’s fairly localized drama, and it seems to be resolving, but it meant that I was dealing with OMGDRAMA and not writing. So it’s been a slow word week.


Blood Bound
Flesh and Blood, Book 1

70850 / 95000 (74.58%)


Bones of Earth
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 3

46587 / 95000 (49.04%)
And because it’s Thanksgiving week, it will be an even more slow word week, because I can’t write and cook at the same time.  I’m doing the Romance Writer’s Weekly webring again tomorrow, and there will be a recipe. (Moroccan Carrot Dip! 2 Smartpoints per 1/4 cup on WW!)


It’s not that I don’t want to write. Really, I want to sit down and do terrible things to my characters  write. But when things happen… well, sometimes the writing doesn’t.

Thankfully, I’m well ahead in chapters on Bones of Earth, and I’ve only got four and a half chapters left to write in Blood Bound. I’ll have Blood Bound finished on time in December (three and a half weeks to write four and a half chapters? Yeah, I can do that.) and then it’s planning until January 6th.  I’m hoping that the synopsis for John Zebedee and the Elf-King’s Son  (aka, next fall’s project) comes together quickly so that I can focus on Bones of Earth  and Wings of Air.  And figure out what I’m going to do on Patreon after I finish Heir to the Firstborn! Maybe it’s time to revisit either The Willow Sword or The Sea Prince (which, if you don’t know, are two projects of mine that I started and that stalled out.)

So that’s something that might just resemble a plan, if you squint. I’ll nail it down further later. Now, I’m off to go and try and get a few words in before bed.

And if that Carrot Dip up there looks good? Check out the blog tomorrow for the recipe!

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