Wrapping the Year

I’m now officially finished  for the rest of 2018.  Ashes and Light went off to the publisher two weeks ago, and I wrapped Written in Water this past Friday. Patreon posts are scheduled out to the end of January, and for the rest of this calendar year, my major work will be prepping to start writing once the Winter Break is over. Item one on the list? I need to finish writing the synopsis for Forged in Fire (Heir to the Firstborn book 2), so that I can get that going. If I start writing the day my son goes back to school, I’ll have two weeks before I run out of Written in Water. 

I’m also going to be printing off a copy of Written in Water so I can start my self-editing, and then hand it off to another editor for a read through and polish. I’m hoping to have the ebook ready to go by the time the story runs out on Patreon, but that might just be a bit too optimistic. Perhaps for Valentines Day? We’ll see.

Cookiepocalypse will be starting soon… as soon as I have a functional dishwasher again. The door latch broke, so we’re waiting for a part to come in so that it can be repaired. I don’t want to have to handwash beater blades by hand if I can help it. Spoiled by modern technology, that’s me.

Finally, here’s wishing everyone in the audio radiance a Happy Hanukkah.


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