A new POA review! (spoilery)

A new review for Princes of Air, from Just Erotic Romance Reviews! (It is not up on their site yet — I saw it in the newsletter. I’ll link to it once it goes live).

The review is a little spoilery, but here’s the meat of it:

Princes of Air draws deeply on Irish legend to create an interlocking web of stories full of romance and danger. The stories
are each told by Niall, Diarmud, and Petran. Having sex described from a man’s point of view is surprisingly arousing!
Each of these stories contributes to a mythic tale, ensnaring the reader from the first page. The characters are believable,
heroic, and engaging. Elizabeth Schechter has crafted an epic tale of love, loss, battle, and happy endings. My only
complaint is the lack of an Irish pronunciation guide. Princes of Air earns a heartfelt recommendation and a place in my
“special treasures” pile.


(If you want to download the newsletter (the review is pages 36-37), here it is! JERR Newsletter Issue 189 – 02-05-12

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