Crawling out from under the rock.

Oh, yeah. I have a blog.

Sorry. Been busy working on synopsi, doing worldbuilding and taking online classes. The Willow Sword synopsis is done. Drum Mage is almost done.  The worldbuilding for Tale from the Arena is started, and is going to be a lot of fun to flesh out. I might post some maps, if I can work out just how to get the GIMP to clean up my scanned drawings.

And these classes?  Are the number one reason I love the Romance Writers of America! Members of the RWA get free classes, taught by people who really know their stuff. This lovely website is courtesy of an RWA class. Right now, I’m taking one on Three-Act structure, which has really shown me where I need to work on Drum Mage.

So I’ve been plodding along, working on things, and trying not to think about the fact that we’re in the final countdown to two major milestones — the first day of kindergarten, and someone’s fifth birthday, both of which happen on the same day.

Just so you know, in three weeks, I’m going to be a BASKETCASE.

What do you think?

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