Did it again…

I just realized that it’s been over a month since I last posted anything here. Not good, Writer. Not good at all.

Granted, it’s been a busy month. We had a road trip (four days travel, one day with family…. ummm. I think we did that wrong). We had recovery from said road-trip, and the upper respiratory infection that kept a certain small boy of my acquaintance out of school for a solid week. We had drama with one thing or another.

The one thing we did not have nearly enough of was writing. Because my wonderfully creative, wonderfully sadistic muse fed me a fantastic sub-plot for Tales from the Arena.  It’s good. I like it. A lot. It works perfectly in the story, and the synopsis still kinda sorta works, so I don’t need to figure out where the story will end. Just the parts between what I’ve written up to the point when that sub-plot came in, and the end. Which is mostly the same track. It is, in my mind, similar to walking across Manhattan by going down 57th Street instead of 53rd. You will still eventually end up in the East River, you just won’t see the same things along the way. 

But that means I’m not done yet.

I was supposed to be done YESTERDAY. The last day of school.

What this means is that I’ve given myself the new deadline of Friday the 7th. There WILL be a finished manuscript off to the beta readers on the 8th, or else. (Or else what, I’m not sure.)

I’ve also painted myself into an interesting corner. Tales has worked itself into the same model as Princes of Air — three intersecting parts. The interesting thing is that, while there are only five years between the second and third parts, between the first and the second parts? Forty years. So I’m thinking that I no longer have a long novel (I’m projecting 100K plus words when I call it a draft). Instead, I have a shorter novel, and a prequel novella of nearly 36,000 words. 36,000 words and some 70,000 words of BDSM erotica?  Not a bad thing to have, really. Much more manageable. And marketable.

And BOY, is this thing being fun to write! I’m getting to play with the “Okay, current kinky things… and what happens if I take it into the future? Oh… yes. That’s fun. Things like stim-play combined with conductive body paint…)

Yep. Can’t wait to see how this ends.

Which means I need to write it.

Back to work!






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