How to Get an Whole Week into One Day…

First, start with a Monday…

Today has been a very productive day, in all ways but one…

  • Got Teen Boy off on time to his second to last day of finals. (okay, I made sure he was in front of his computer…)
  • Worked out
  • Had a brief training on how to conduct an interview via Zoom — best video settings, that sort of thing.
  • Scheduled three Zoom interviews.
  • Prepped three different sets of questions for those interviews.
  • Reviewed Units 6 and 10 of Pen to Paper for two of those three sets of questions
  • Sent the interviewees out best practices for Zoom interviews.
  • Scheduled a meeting to discuss (REDACTED)
  • Scheduled three doctor appointments
  • Backed up the computer
  • Wrote the weekly blog (hi!)
  • Picked up groceries
  • Did my daily Tarot draw
  • Wrote this blog post

Notice what’s missing?

I haven’t written a durned word for Heir to the Firstborn today!

Good thing I had an exceptional writing week last week!

Heir to the Firstborn
(Heir to the Firstborn, book 5)

91772 / 150000 (61.18%)

I wrote out of order last week. There was a scene that needed to be written, even though I’m not there yet — I just needed to get it down before I lost it. Which means that I wrote two chapters and a bit last week. And I’ll hit the pivot point in the chapter I’m just about to start, and the pace is going to pick up dramatically.

I’m wondering how much of the first half of the book is going to get cut when I get to edits. It’s slow. It’s all necessary, but it’s slow. So maybe I can tighten things up.

Or maybe not. I never made any claim to being concise.

I’m also starting to wonder if I’ll actually make the self-imposed deadline of a November release. It’s the end of May, and I’m only halfway done. Heir to the Firstborn might just end up being¬† my first book of 2022 at this rate. Which isn’t a problem, really. But it means that I missed out on my feat of publishing 6 books in a year that will NEVER EVER HAPPEN AGAIN I MEAN IT!


Tomorrow The Lady and the Sword releases in KU for ebooks. Print should follow along shortly (it’s in review because I forgot to hit publish yesterday.) And I discovered something. The Term of Service for Kindle Unlimited only cover EBOOK distribution. It says nothing about exclusivity of print.

So The Lady and the Sword will go wide in paperback next week (on June 1st).


Preorders for paperbacks of the rest of the series are loading to all major retailers now, and will release when the ebooks release in KU (In July for Ashes and Light, and in September for Table of Stone.)

And that’s about all here. Time for me to run off to my next thing — making dinner.

Then… maybe some words? Maybe?

We’ll see.

What do you think?

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