I Smell Cookies!

John Zebedee Meets the Witch Queen of Elfland
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Okay, not yet, you don’t. But if you were close enough, or smells could come through the internet, you would later today!

Cookiepocalypse 2020 starts today! We’ll be starting with three color cookies, and I’ll be posting the pictures to Instagram. And in between batches, I’ll be working on finishing John Zebedee Meets the Witch Queen of Elfland, because school is out Friday, and the Solstice is next Monday. #DraftByTheSolstice

Last week, there wasn’t nearly as much writing as I’d have liked. There was a lot of editing — I’ve made my first pass at Wings of Air, and it’s been handed off to Darling Editor. There was also recording two Two Minute Tips (something that took me all day Sunday and part of Monday — there’s a reason I’m not a public speaker!) And I taught my first ever live class for the RWA. Complete with computer problems immediately before class because of COURSE the class had to be pre-disastered for our convenience.

The upside of computer problems right before going live? No time for stage fright!

The downside? Spending the rest of the afternoon with durn-near crippling Imposter Syndrome, because I hadn’t gotten it out of my system beforehand.

(There might have been rather a lot of stress eating that evening. Good thing I hadn’t made the cookies yet or they’d have all been gone!)

Things are better now. Spent yesterday in an RWA Board meeting (all….durn…day….) which meant that I got a lot of knitting done. There was work done, but there was also knitting because it’s the only way I can distract the toddler brain and stay focused enough to actually get any work done during the meeting. (When I write, I have music on. But if I’m in a meeting? I knit.) And now, I’m focused on getting this manuscript finished.

And cookies.

Right. Off to go make words and calories!





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