Mondayest Monday Ever

Today is indeed the most Mondayest Monday ever.

On Friday, my windshield caught a kicked-up rock, and cracked. I’ve always been taught that you shouldn’t drive with a cracked windshield, so I got the car home, and set up an appointment through my car insurance to have the windshield fixed.

This morning, bright and way-too-early, windshield company shows up. They’re going to try to repair the crack first, because it’s not large and not in the direct line of sight. But injecting the resin made the crack get bigger. The tech stopped immediately and told me “We need to replace the windshield.”

Okay, but guess what they don’t have in stock? If you answered the particular windshield for my particular car? You win a gold star!

They’re going to try and get a new windshield for me before Friday and Necronomicon,  but they assured me that the car is safe to drive. So that’s something.

I’ve got something of a busy week this week — tomorrow is the Kindle Unlimited release of Table of Stone, the last Swords of Charlemagne book. To celebrate that, Hidden Things is on sale everywhere for 2.99 this week.

Wednesday night I’ll be doing the Busy Black and Beautiful with LaQuette video podcast, and I’ll tweet the link to watch live out once I have it.  And Thursday and Friday will be con prep. And in the meantime, I’m doing all sorts of writing prep.

I spent most of last week working on synopses for future writing. Ready to go are Tower of Light and Blood Brothers (Flesh and Blood 2). I’m working now on Blood Price (Flesh and Blood 3), and I’m refining the synopsis for Heir to the Firstborn: The Way Home, so it better aligns with what happened in Heir to the Firstborn: The Crossroads. I also need to update the series bible for Flesh and Blood, because i noticed that I left a lot blank that shouldn’t be left blank (There are whole character pages blank, and that’s not good. That’s how you end up reading three books to see if you ever mentioned a character’s eye color.)  I’ll be starting the editing reread of Crossroads at the convention, and I’ll be starting to write The Way Home once Crossroads is handed off to my darling editor.

I’ve also got a bunch of things in the RWA pipeline, but I can’t talk about them yet. Exciting stuff, though! You’ll learn more about it soon.

And that’s pretty much it for what’s happening in my neck of the woods. See you all after the convention!

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