New today! Well… sort of.

New release today! From Forbidden Fiction, my novella Chains of Light!


When Delan stumbled into the Temple, he wasn’t expecting to be welcomed as a Temple servant. He wasn’t expecting his only duty to be to serve Lyander, cloistered son of the High Priestess. He wasn’t expecting to fall in love.

Now, some of you might be thinking “Hey, this sounds familiar.”  You’re right. This is a reprint of my novella From Dusk ’til Dawn (published in 2013.) Which does NOT mean you should not buy this one. First, you can’t get From Dusk ’til Dawn anymore because that publisher went out of business.  Second, this version has been newly edited, which means I had to chance to clean up some timing errors that made me cringe every time I read the previously published version. Third, we have a wonderful new cover. I’m in love with the new cover art — at the top is Lyander, and that is exactly how I pictured him when I first wrote the story way back.

New book! Go enjoy!


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