Opening Gambit is now available for sale!

Smashwords JUST went live, and should be propagating down to other venues soon.  Amazon will be up later. And I’ll see about an actual paper version, too. Since, you know, I can.



The Ishkarin were created to be the perfect soldiers. The perfect predators. The perfect sadists. But what happens to the perfect soldiers when the war they were created to fight is over? In the Arena, the Ishkarin find an outlet for their natural instincts. Populated by the Collared, the sexual submissives who live to kneel before the predators, the Arena guarantees that the Ishkarin will not prey on the people they have sworn to protect.

On the eve of his appointment as second-in-command to the Ishkarin forces, Gavir is gifted with a night with Iras, the so-called Queen of the Arena. One wild night of passion and pain later, Gavir is enthralled by the woman who wears the red Collar. But when his fascination reveals a secret long buried, how far will Gavir go to protect the woman who has captured his heart?


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