Wait… it’s Monday Again?

Who let it be Monday again?

Summer is being quiet, which is good. There isn’t much going on in this neck of the woods. I’m working almost entirely on research for Imaginative Anthropology, with some short story work going on around the edges (A White Raven adjacent short story entitled Broken Feathers. It will be the bonus material in the back of Morrigan’s Wrath.) I’m slightly less than halfway into Nebula winner Babel, by RF Kuang, and I am digging it (enough that when my library loan came due, I went and bought a copy instead of renewing the book.) It’s very good. If you like language and linguistics, and are interested in how this might play into a magic system unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, get thee hence and get a copy. And I’m waiting on edits, which will show up in my inbox eventually.

So, I’m really kind of off for the next few weeks. Which… is a little weird? I haven’t been off like this since I started serializing Heir to the Firstborn. My house is clean. I did some gardening. I’m caught up on Tasting History and The Mandalorian, and I might actually watch some of the other programs and movies that I missed because I didn’t have time.

A nice, quiet summer. This is novel.

What do you think?

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