Well, now. That was quick…

The first review of House of Sable Locks went up on Tumblr this morning.

But today I ended up reading this entire book, the House of Sable Locks (link below, and in title)

In one sitting

Because I couldn’t stop

You NEED to read this. It’s $5. It’s insanely hot (Erotica, NSFW). It is a BDSM dark steampunk romance with a touch of Hannibal-esque horror (not eating people, but manipulation and emotional and physical abuse) about the Succubus, a room-sized Victorian clockwork automaton with a dark secret, and William, a young man with a troubled past who falls in love with her.

It has ROBOTS. It has BDSM, specifically FEMMEDOMS. EVERYWHERE. It is sexy and delightful and has a fantastic plot. 

Go read it. 

I think it is safe to say that they liked it.

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I’m not at all surprised. Loved the idea and loved the excerpt!

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