Wordy. Very Wordy.

That’s me in a nutshell. Wordy. Even my short stories are long. I once sent a short story that was about a 1000 words over the wordcount limit in for a call for submissions with a note saying “I have cut this to the bone, and if I cut any more, I will break the story. If you accept this story, I’m willing to do whatever edits are necessary.” (The story was not only accepted for the anthology, they did not cut anything!)

What this means is that the 90,000 word goal on The White Raven: Morrigan’s Wrath? That was a ballpark.

The White Raven: Morrigan’s Wrath
(The White Raven duology, Book 2)

85466 / 90000 (94.96%)

There are, I think, about five or six chapters left in this book. That’s roughly about 15 to 18K words? So that puts my actual target at 100K words or thereabouts. Which isn’t too terribly long for one of my books, and I should have it done in advance of my May 19th deadline. If I can keep the distractions to a bare minimum.

There’s one distraction staring at me on my screen right now — a new synopsis. And not for any project that I’ve been talking about. This one came out of left field, because I got a new laptop. Yes, this makes sense — I was moving old files from the old laptop to the new one, and I noticed the character bios and the beginning of a story that was meant for a shared world project that never happened. (If you’ve read my short stories, this was the story that Foster was reading in Raise the Dead, which appeared in Like a Circlet Editor.) Then I saw some old Kushielverse play by email files that I save from Yahoo when Groups when pfft. And I had written this one bit:

“I have saved lives. I have brought down men who believed they were above the law. I have played a role in stopping an atrocity and I will do so again and again until I am murdered in my bed for it, or until no child need must fear being stolen away.

And I thought… that’s a good bit. I’d forgotten about that. I wonder… hey, that would work in the Jack and Lucretia thing, wouldn’t it?

So… new synopsis. No title yet. And I’m not sure when I’ll write it. We’ll see.

First I have to finish Morrigan’s Wrath. Then we’ll get to play in other worlds.

(By the by, if anyone reading this used to be involved in the Kushiel play by email game The Night Court? I managed to save all the files before Yahoogroups went away. I have, I think, ALL of the five years of the game.)

In other news, I’ve been accepted for programming at Necronomicon! So I’ll be heading out to Tampa in September. More information on that as I have it.

And that’s about all on this front. Back to making an excessive amount of words!

What do you think?

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