Work in Progress: The Lady and the Sword, week 2.

Busy, busy, busy! There’s been a lot of running, a lot of research, and not nearly enough writing this week. But I had a fantastic time at Coastal Magic this past weekend. If you need an excuse to come to Florida in February, this would be it.

Now, as to writing, I started the book on the 15th, as planned, and immediately bogged down. I finally figured out that I had started in the wrong place — I had initially started the book with a scene in 1898. Nope, Roland was not having that. So I went back and started over (yes, I did save what I’d already done), and I’m now in the middle of chapter 2. I’m thinking this book will follow the same pattern as Hidden Things — two or three chapters set in the past, then the “present” and the main storyline. So I’ll have one more chapter in 774, then go back to 1898 and get that ball rolling.

The Lady and the Sword
Swords of Charlemagne, Book 2

By the way, I learned my lesson. If you want to know anything about anything? Ask a homeschooler! I posted on my Twitter about researching the location of the entrance to the Louvre museum in 1898. My Twitter posts crossposts to my personal Facebook. Where, after hours of my beating my head against a wall,  a friend of mine chimed in with “Oh, the original entrance was here. But then this happened, and they moved the entrance over there. And after that, they moved the entrance over to that spot there.”

Funny part? The entrance I finally decided on using, because I was tired of researching and not writing, and it was the closest door to where I wanted to be? Was the actual entrance after the wing that closed the palace courtyard was burned down during the French Revolution.

So, tomorrow, I get my nose to the grindstone and really get this book into gear!

After coffee.


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