Work in Progress: The Lady and the Sword, Week 4

Bit of an upside down week. I’m a bit methody — I like things to happen when they’re supposed to happen, and I don’t like unexpected schedule changes. This week we had both. I still got my words in, though.

The Lady and the Sword
Swords of Charlemagne, Book 2

Here’s this week’s excerpt. Jump ahead to 1898 for a reunion between our “modern” heroes. Yes, it’s short.  It’s later than I like, and I’ve another upside down week this week (including scheduled maintenance on the local power lines that mean we’ll be without power for at least four hours on Tuesday morning.)


Douglas was quiet as they got off the train. He held on to Margaret’s hand, and even smiled at her. But there was something brittle around the edges of that smile, something ominous about the silence.

“Doogie, I wish you’d tell me what was wrong,” Margaret murmured, her voice pitched for his ears along. “Have I done something?”

Douglas shook his head. Then he nodded his head. “There he is,” he said. Margaret craned her neck, but couldn’t see over the crowd. Douglas took her arm and steered her in the right direction. Then the crowd parted, and she saw Mystere. He was standing near the wall, his hands in the pockets of his ridiculous long coat, looking as dark and as dangerous as ever. And absolutely wonderful.

“Yael,” Douglas called. Mystere saw them and smiled, coming to meet them.

“Oh, I’ve missed you,” he said. He embraced Margaret, kissed her on the cheek, then turned to Douglas, who offered his hand. Mystere blinked, looked down at the hand, then up at Douglas. “Have I done something wrong, that I don’t get a warmer welcome?”

“We’re in public,” Douglas murmured.

“We’re in France,” Mystere answered. “It’s not illegal here. And I frankly don’t care if it is. I’ve been alone for weeks now, for the first time in ten years, and I’ve missed you, you great bloody giant.”

For the first time since Margaret woke on the train, she saw Douglas smile. He passed the carpetbag to Margaret, then enveloped Mystere in a tight embrace.

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