>Writing round-up for 2010

>It was an interesting year. Eleven submissions, and of that, I sold four. (Five if you count the reprint that sold and then didn’t…)

The breakdown —

Two novels — one submitted to Baen in May, one submitted to Circlet in October. No answers yet on either.

Four new short stories — One sold to Cleis, two sold to Circlet. One short story was submitted to Circlet in December, no answer yet.

Reprints — One of the Circlet stories from 2010 is out for audio submission to Escape Pod, no answer yet. The story that I sold to Cleis in 2010 is out to Cleis for Best Bondage Erotica 2012, and I won’t know about THAT one until September. One story from 2009 was accepted for an anthology and then the publisher decided not to use it. And another story from 2009 was accepted to the same anthology as the new story I sold to Cleis.

had one story that I sold in 2009, and that the publisher decided not to use, so they gave me the rights back.

And I had a story rejected from Realms of Fantasy, which I then turned around, reworked, and it became the novel that is currently out with Circlet.

Not a bad year.

What do you think?

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