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Work in Progress, week Eighteen. Bones of Earth

Blood Bound
Flesh and Blood, Book 1

85635 / 84000 (101.95%)


Bones of Earth
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 3

48584 / 95000 (51.14%)

I realized sometime around Thursday that I never did go back and post the weekly roundup after announcing that Blood Bound was DONE. Umm… oops.

I also didn’t have a heck of a lot to round up other than that — I hadn’t been working on Bones of Earth really at all, so that I could finish Blood Bound before school let out for the holidays (which will be this Thursday). There was also this thing called Cookiepocalypse last week…

However, the cookies are all delivered, and it’s time to get back to work on Bones of Earth. And to start my planning on John Zebedee and the Elf-King’s Son, which will be the next project. So my goals for this vacation are to work on Bones of Earth, and to write a synopsis for John Zebedee  and for Wings of Air. I won’t be writing John Zebedee yet — I intend to finish Heir to the Firstborn first.

So, those are my goals for be end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 — write two synopses, finish Heir to the Firstborn ( and decide what I’m doing with the Patreon afterward!) and then write John Zebedee. In there, I will also be deciding what to do about Swords of Charlemagne (there are a couple of irons in the fire on that front), and polishing and shopping Blood Bound around.

Looks like 2020 is going to be a busy year!

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Works in Progress, Week Sixteen. Blood Bound and Bones of Earth

Blood Bound
Flesh and Blood, Book 1

73701 / 95000 (77.58%)


Bones of Earth
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 3

47348 / 95000 (49.84%)
Here we are in December. You all know what that means!
Cookiepocalypse 2019 will be starting next Sunday with the beginning of three color cookies.  Now, you notice (at least, you notice if you were with me the past two years)  that I’m starting Cookiepocalypse before finishing my Fall book.
Yup. Living dangerously this year. I have until December 14th to finish cookies, and until December 19th to finish Blood Bound. Bones of Earth has no set deadline. It’s done when it’s done, so long as I get my chapters up on Patreon each week.  Blood Bound has slightly more than three and a half chapters left, and one of those is almost entirely written in my head. That equates to just under 12K words.  I can do that. Bones of Earth, on the other hand, is set until after the turn of the year. So I can focus on Blood Bound and bring that book home. Even while baking.
It helps that Blood Bound is still amusing me. Daniel and Hiro are just so much fun to write.  I mean, I do enjoy all of my characters, but these two are just so good!  They come up with some great scenes.
Daniel laughed and hung up, then took his cup of coffee out into the living room. “Hiro!” he called. “Clara is here early! She’s on her way up.”
Hiro appeared in the bedroom door. “Is she?” he asked, coming out into the living room. He was mostly dressed in a gray suit, but he had his coat thrown over his arm, and a tie was dangling from one hand. He held it up. “Do you know how to tie this, Daniel?”
“A tie?” Daniel asked. He nodded. “Yeah, I can do that. Need help?”
Hiro laid his coat on the back of the couch and handed the tie to Daniel. “If you would?” he asked.
Daniel smiled and ran the silk through his fingers. He moved over to the couch and perched on the arm, then gestured Hiro closer. Hiro came to stand in front of Daniel, and Daniel draped the tie over his own shoulder before reaching up to fasten the topmost button of Hiro’s shirt. “Do you want fancy, or functional?”
“Functional will do,” Hiro answered. “I will have you show fancy to me later.”
“Sure,” Daniel said as he raised Hiro’s collar and picked up the tie. It was dark blue, with a pattern in silver that made Daniel think of fancy marble tiles. He slid the tie around Hiro’s neck and positioned it, hearing a soft chime. A moment later, Clara’s voice rang out.
“Good morning! I brought bagels and babka. And I brought hot chocolate, Hiro.”
“Just a minute, Clara,” Daniel called back. He checked the lengths of the ends of the tie, then started working, wrapping and tucking, then wrapping and tucking again, winding the silk around itself, then up and tugging the end down through a loop to form a perfect knot. He adjusted it, then smoothed Hiro’s collar. “There you are. All put together.”
Hiro smiled. “You did that well,” he said. “What is it?”
“Full Windsor.”
Hiro nodded. “And what would have the fancy been?”
“Either an Eldredge or a Trinity. I like them both. But they’re better with a solid tie. For a pattern like this, a Full Windsor is better. Or a Victoria.” Daniel grinned at the look on Hiro’s face. “I checked a book out of the library. All sorts of fancy knots for ties. I picked it up when I thought I’d be going in to the prep school. Thought it would be useful.”
“It is extremely useful,” Hiro agreed. His smile softened, and he raised his hands to rest on either side of Daniel’s neck. “I repeat. The rest of the vampires in New York are blind. And I am very lucky.”
“I think I’m the lucky one,” Daniel replied. He reached out and tugged on Hiro’s tie. “I’m going to enjoy taking care of you.”
Hiro leaned down and kissed him, and time seemed to stop. Daniel slid his hands down Hiro’s chest, letting them come to rest on his waist for a moment before hooking his fingers into the belt loops on Hiro’s pants and tugging him closer.
“I have an idea for tomorrow,” he murmured when Hiro let him breathe again.
“You’re thinking,” Hiro grumbled. “I’m doing something wrong.”
“Well, I have clothes on,” Daniel pointed out. “That’s an automatic penalty on the kicker.”
That last line made me giggle when I wrote it. (and yes, hot chocolate for Hiro. It’s explained in the story. You have to read it.)
Now, I am still enjoying writing Bones of Earth, too. But those characters are more comfortable.  I can’t share anything about them at the moment. Too many spoilers. Sorry.
And that’s pretty much all. I’m going to be making as many words as I can this week, so that I can make cookies next week.
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Works in Progress: Week Fourteen: Blood Bound and Bones of Earth

Blood Bound
Flesh and Blood, Book 1

67613 / 95000 (71.17%)


Bones of Earth
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 3

44650 / 95000 (47.00%)

Little bit of a slow working week this past week. The Teach in was Tuesday, and I spent most of Monday prepping for it, and most of Wednesday recovering! My day at school started at 8:30, and ran until 4:45!  I spoke to five periods of ELA (6th through 8th grades) and one period of Creative Writing, and it’s a good thing that I brought my new presentation AND last year’s presentation. The Creative Writing Class was mostly kids I’d seen earlier in the day in their respective ELA classes! So I had something else on hand to give to them. (They had Anatomy of a Novel earlier in the day, and Life of a Romance Writer for Creative Writing.) However, they DEMANDED that we do something from the earlier presentation to finish off.

See… I created a Madlib for them as a fun closing — we wrote a book blurb using Madlibs. The best inciting incident? The MC lost his earlobes! It was so much fun that every class wanted to do it twice (no), and the Creative Writing class wanted to do it again because they’d all done it earlier. We had time, so I pulled it up. And then, since they’re all doing Nanowrimo and we had more time, so we did a writing sprint! After that class, I had a few minutes of quiet before I went and helped my son’s Origami club (it made no sense to go home, then come back to pick him up.)

Also last week I had another pass on Hidden Things. They liked the premise… but they passed on the series. Back to square one, and I need to decide if I want to go the query-go-round again or just self-publish. Whichever way I go, it’ll be in 2020.

I really do need to kick my production in to overdrive — Cookiepocalypse is coming, and I need to have Blood Bound finished before I start baking. It’s hard to believe that it’s already almost the end of the year (and it got cold this weekend! In Florida! It’s too early to be in the 50s in Florida!)

Everyone up north is laughing at me. Don’t think I can’t hear you!

Thanksgiving is next week, and I’ll be prepping for that. Then I have to start thinking book wrap up and holidays and baking and school’s out!

Busy writer is BUSY!

So let me go get busy. Catch you next week!


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Works in Progress, Week Twelve, Blood Bound and Bones of Earth.

Blood Bound
Flesh and Blood, Book 1

59930 / 95000 (63.08%)


Bones of Earth
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 3

37896 / 95000 (39.89%)

Good writing week all around, even if I did have some writing in reverse with Blood Bound.  (I cut something along the lines of four hundred words from chapter one, after running it through the Erotica Readers and Writers Association crit group. They’ve never steered me wrong, and I love them for it.)

Bones of Earth took off this week —  over seven thousand words written, and a major reveal that I’d been waiting to include. So anything from this point on in the story will be a spoiler… which means no more excerpts unless I have something short that won’t spoil anything.

So, remember how I said last week that once I finished Blood Bound, I wasn’t going to work on anything else other than Heir to the Firstborn until it was done? Yeah, I kinda forgot that I committed to a shared world project, and my synopsis is due by March, with the book due by December. I will be writing up that synopsis once I finish Blood Bound.  Working title on this one is John Zebedee and the Elf-King’s Son, and it’s going to be a new thing for me — a Wild West Paranormal.

Other irons in the fire — anyone else remember Web-rings? I’m participating in something very similar this week through the Romance Writer’s Weekly. On Tuesday, we’ll be writing all about how we use music in our writing, and to help us write. So when that post goes up, check out the other authors in the loop (if it works the way it’s supposed to, eventually, you’ll end up back here!)

So, excerpt time. A longer one from Blood Bound, to make up for the lack of one from Bones of Earth.   And this is me having a little fun — Daniel is having breakfast with Clara, who is a bond-slave to another vampire. What they’re having for breakfast is one of my favorite breakfasts from Proper and Wild, the little place in Winter Park, Florida, that Clara mentions. Yes, the black rice grits are that good. No, they won’t give me the recipe.

“What is that?” he asked as he entered the kitchen. “It smells wonderful.”

“Tempeh bacon, and it is,” Clara answered. “Hiro said you were vegetarian, but not what kind, so I went for vegan options. Chickpea scramble, tempeh bacon, black rice grits—”

“You’re Southern, aren’t you?” Daniel interrupted.

“Winter Park, Florida,” she answered with a grin. “And toast. Oh, and coffee.” Daniel sat down at the table and watched as she loaded a plate and handed it to him.

“For the record, I eat eggs and some dairy,” Daniel answered. He scooped up some of the black rice grits, which were purple. He took a bite, then he looked down at them. “And these. I will eat these. What’s in this?”

“I have no idea,” Clara admitted. “There’s a little place at home that makes them, and they won’t share the recipe. So my mother buys it by the quart and freezes it to ship to me. Grig likes the smell of it, but I can’t eat it too often, because of how rich it is. So I have a couple of quarts in the freezer at home.”

Daniel smiled and took another bite. “Thank you, for sharing. It’s wonderful.”

“Try the bacon,” Clara said as she filled a plate for herself.

Daniel did, and it was almost as good as the grits. Clara asked him questions while they ate, about his yoga practice and tending bar. When he told her that he’d been a performer at The Blood Bank before he started tending bar there, she laughed.

“That’s where I know you from!” she said. “I knew you were familiar. But… ah… wow, I’ve never actually said this before, but—”

“You didn’t recognize me with my clothes on?” Daniel finished, and she burst into giggles.

“Yes!” she agreed. “The night Grig and I were there, you were wearing… well, not a heck of a lot. Bike shorts, I think. Really little ones. And there was a gorgeous girl who tied you to the pole.”

“Her name is Daphne,” Daniel said. “I can introduce you, but she’s married.”

Clara wrinkled her nose. “Figures. Just my luck.” She laughed and refilled her coffee. “More grits?” she asked.

Daniel shook his head. “I’m stuffed, thanks. But more coffee would be good.” He let her fill his cup again, and took a sip. “So what’s it like, being a bond?”

She looked thoughtful. “I… may be biased. My family have basically been retainers for Grigori for five generations. Grigori seems to have a preferences for bonds from the Trella bloodine. So we kids grew up knowing that when my great-uncle stepped down or passed away, it would be one of us.” She shrugged. “Us being me, my sister, my brothers, and all of my cousins.”

“Big family?” Daniel asked.

“Huge,” Clara answered with a laugh. “Mom was one of six, Dad was one of nine, and I don’t think any of them can spell zero population growth. Family gatherings take all weekend. I’ve been with Grig six years now, and I’ve loved every minute of it. It’s hard work, but that’s mostly because vampires are stubborn breed, and sometimes you have to force them to take care of themselves.” She pointed at Daniel. “Hiro’s perfectly awful at it. He starves himself. I’m constantly shocked he doesn’t go blood mad.”

“What?” Daniel asked. “Clara, I’m on the outside looking in. There’s a lot I don’t know, and a lot that I’ve heard but don’t know if it’s true. Start at the beginning. I’m signing the contract. What does that mean?”

Clara nodded. “You have no training at all?” she asked.

“None. I didn’t finish college, and I couldn’t afford the prep school.”

“Oh, I see. You’re starting from the ground up. Okay. No wonder Hiro asked me to talk to you. To begin with, a vampire can live on poured blood for three to four days. After that, they have to drink living blood. They never take too much — usually it’s less than if you’re donating blood. But it’s every three days, usually. Any longer, and their judgment starts to go. Longer than five days, and they go wild. Which is why they have bond-slaves. Oh, and how they take living blood is a little different for each vampire. It depends on their preferences.” She paused to sip her coffee. “Vampires are apex predators. More so than humans are. So they need the hunt—”

“I know this part,” Daniel said. “It’s why they’re all into bondage, and I have a job.”

“It’s why most of them are into bondage,” Clara corrected. “For the illusion of captured prey. But for some, they’re more interested in the chase.” She grinned. “I think Grig picked me because I ran varsity track in college. Now, Hiro isn’t interested in the chase. He wants the fight. He wants the captured prey. He’s inventive, too. And considerate to a fault. You’re going to love him. He will drive you nuts, though. If there’s a religious site anywhere within walking distance, he wants to see it. I have no idea why, but he’s something of a spiritual tourist.”

And that’s where I’ll leave you. See you on Tuesday with my playlists!

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Works in Progress, Week Eleven, Blood Bound and Bones of Earth

Blood Bound
Flesh and Blood, Book 1

57165 / 95000 (60.17%)


Bones of Earth
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 3

30842 / 95000 (32.47%)

Progress! (Yes, even if it isn’t a lot of progress. The number lines moving upwards is progress.) At this rate, I’ll be finishing up Blood Bound by Christmas, as is my usual writing schedule. Bones of Earth will continue until morale improves/everyone learns to swim  it’s finished. And I’m not going to START anything else until both Bones of Earth and Wings of Air are finished. I think I’ve proven that working on two projects at a time is not the best use of my time. So hopefully, once I finish Blood Bound, the only thing that I will have to distract me from Heir to the Firstborn will be edits for things I have out in various slush piles.

Forged in Fire is out now, and doing well. There’s a five star review over on Goodreads (yay!)  Just a request to the audio radiance that writers love reviews. (hinthinthint)

I think I’m finally over the slump in Bones of Earth, too. The writing seems to be moving at a faster pace, which makes sense now that things have happened in the story, and someone has shook off their holding pattern and started moving forward.

That’s nice and vague now, isn’t it? Good. No spoilers.

I did have a pretty big surprise while working on Bones just before we went to Necronomicon. If you follow me on Twitter, you saw my “I did NOT see that coming” post. I’ve decided to share…

We meet Alanar in Forged in Fire. He is a blind Healer, and he and Owyn have become very close. Very close, as we see here. They’re about to leave on a journey, because reasons.

“I’m not going to lie to myself and say everything is going to be fine and wonderful. I know I’m walking out of the only safe place left in the world. And I know there’s something out there that would make me change my mind and not go, if I knew what it was. That’s why the Mother won’t let me see what’s coming. So I know I have to go, but I’m going to take every precaution I can. Like leaving behind things that make me stand out too much.”

“And I won’t?” Alanar asked.

“Nope,” Owyn answered. “Because we’re going to tell people who get nosy that you’re my husband, that we just got married, and that we’re going north to visit your family in the Solstice village and bring them the news.”

Alanar looked startled. “When did you think of that?” he asked.

“Last night,” Owyn answered.

Alanar coughed. “Last night. Really,” he repeated. “Then I clearly was doing something wrong.”

Marik burst into laughter. “More information than we needed, Alanar!”

Owyn reached over and took Alanar’s hand. “I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep,” he explained. “I didn’t want to wake you up, so I thought about ways to cover what we were doing to anyone outside the Water villages. Any objections? I mean, if you don’t want to be married to me—”

Alanar shook his head. “Stop that. You’re a perfectly fine husband, even if I only get to borrow you for a while.” He smiled, raising Owyn’s hand to kiss his knuckles. “Maybe I can ask Aria if it can be more than a while.”

Everything stopped. The entire world stopped. Owyn’s breathing stopped. His heart stopped. Everything just… froze. Then it all lurched into motion again, like it had been kicked by a mule. “I… what? What?”

Alanar’s smile faltered. “I… I’m sorry. Was that… too… I don’t know. Owyn?”

“No, no, no,” Owyn sputtered. “Stop. Just… stop.” He swallowed. “You… just asked me to marry you. Did you mean to do that?”

“Yes, I did, Owyn.”

“But wait!” I heard you cry. “Owyn is supposed to be with Aria and Aven!”

I know. I know! This was not in the outline!

But there’s also no reason why it can’t be. As we find out shortly after this scene, Companions can, indeed, marry, so long as their spouses (spice?) understand that they are entering a group marriage. So we’re going with it.

Because reasons.  And because when stuff like this flows out of my fingers without stopping for me to think about it, that means it’s usually the right choice for the story.

Meanwhile, over in vampire land, I’ve dropped several mountains on Daniel, and wrote a science fiction plot point into my story bible that later that same day turned into science fact. No, I did not know that was on the horizon. At least, I don’t think I knew.

I also just yesterday wrote a scene I’ve had in my head for ages, ever since I made Daniel have a day job as a yoga instructor.

The only thing you really need to know for this scene is that Hiro is much shorter than Daniel — Daniel is 6’2. Hiro is 5’5

He made his way back out into the living room, sipping his tea as he went to the window and looked out over the dark expanse of Central Park. Streetlights flickered and shone through windblown tree branches, and he could see the reflections of light in water. This window must look out over The Lake. It was a nice view. Must be pretty in the winter, when it snowed. It would be nice to watch the snow fall from this vantage. He took a deep breath. He was still tired. Overtired, maybe, and sore. He needed to go back to sleep. Maybe he could flow, and relax that way. It was worth a try. He put down his cup and moved in front of the window. He closed his eyes, shifting to stand in mountain pose, slowing his breathing, silently examining himself, looking for pain. He ached, but he didn’t hurt, so he started, sweeping upward into the salute. The sun salutations felt good, strong, and he flowed through them three times before he started seeking balance. High tree pose, raising his arms like branches over his head, then reaching down, catching his raised right foot with his right hand and reaching back into Dancer. He extended his right arm toward the window, and saw movement reflected in the glass.

“Well, that is a handsome pose,” Hiro said from behind him. “I could bind you like that, but then I’d have to stand on a box to do anything with you once I had.”

For this week, my main goals are to get really moving on Bones of Earth — there’s a good bit coming, and I can hit it maybe this weekend if I keep my words up.

Oh, and for the record, I am not doing Nanowrimo this year. I’d have to focus on one project to the detriment of the other. I’ll do Camp Nano in April.

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Necronomicon Roundup and Happy Book Day Eve!

We got home last night after a fantastic weekend at Necronomicon, in Tampa. It was my last outing for the year, and it was a good one. Nice and relaxed, with only three panels. The rest of my time was spent at my table in the dealers room.There was exactly no writing done. Which I’d expected. Next week’s blog post will have the two week word count.Friday, we got in early to set up the table in the dealers room. Which required some jiggery pokery, because I have what’s left of my jewelry from when I was doing THAT professionally. So I had to make room for shinies.

As an aside, a cosplayer dressed as Aziraphale was absolutely DELIGHTED when I told him that the jewelry was doing nobody any good in my closet. It needed to find a good home, so I was helping people with their shiny adoptions.

Friday night I had two panels. My earlier panel was The Many Face of Holmes and Watson, which was quite a lot of fun, and hosted by one of my favorite moderators at Necro. My late panel was on Slash Fiction, and it was… slightly confused. Apparently, there was a mix up with rooms, and I was told the panel would be in one room, but the moderator was told another. So I had a small panel going in my room, and she had a slightly larger panel going in her room, and when someone realized the mix-up, we combined them.

Saturday started way too early after a panel that ran until past midnight (what? I’m getting old!) There was liberal applications of coffee, and I met a God.

No, really. I’m not even joking.

Being a former jeweler, I studied a little about metallurgy. And I’ve always been a sword nut, so when I saw that a vendor had set up Saturday morning with swords and daggers, I went over to see them. Beautiful work! I picked up his card… and looked at it. Then I looked at him. Then I looked at the card again.

Dr. Jim Hrisoulas.

Now, if you don’t know swords, you probably won’t recognize that name. But he is a Bladesmithing LEGEND. And he was sitting there in front of me.

I did not squee. Not in public, anyway.

By the way? He is DELIGHTFUL, and I enjoyed meeting him so much! I hope he’s back next year.

My last panel of the day turned out to be a bit intimidating. I saw this panel in the schedule, and asked to be included. I figured I could talk on the Religion of Diets as well as anyone.I didn’t KNOW that the other three people on the panel were a retired medical doctor, a neurologist, and the neurologist’s son, who does something pharmaceutical that I can’t remember. And then there was me. I got a laugh when I said “I think I’m out of my depth here.” But I held my own — being a polymath means I can speak reasonably well on most topics, and on this one, I was the only one who had working knowledge of diet controlled autoimmune disorders, and of the variety of current diets available.

The rest of the weekend was spent at the table, adopting shinies and talking to people. And now I’m wiped out. But it was a good weekend, and I can’t wait for next year!

Now, tomorrow is BOOK DAY!!!! Forged in Fire releases everywhere. And I even remembered to upload the files to Smashwords (all the files — Heir to the Firstborn will soon be available on Smashwords. Not sure why I forgot to do it before.)Happy Book Day Eve!

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New Year, who dis?

I think I’ve used this title before. But that’s okay. It works.

No, it’s not really a new year. However, it is, because today is the day that Florida kids go back to school.

Which means that today is the day I start a new book –my long awaited romantic suspense Blood Bound. (aka the BDSM vampire book)

Now, with the insanity of everything this summer, and the book that would not end with Forged in Fire, I didn’t have much of a break to plan out the Fall book. I didn’t get a lot of the groundwork of worldbuilding done. So I’ll be starting Blood Bound off slowly. If I get 750 words in a day over the next week or two, I’ll be counting that as a day well spent. Especially since I’ll be doing the planning as I go, and editing Forged in Fire, AND starting Bones of Earth. Once I finish the Bones of Earth synopsis, that is.

I’m going to be kinda busy the next few days.

Time to get to work!


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Work in Progress: Forged in Fire, week twenty-eight

Forged in Fire
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 2

109595 / 95000 (115.36%)
This is a MONSTER book. And will probably top out at about 115K. Maybe a bit more.
There are, I think, about two and a half chapters left. I’m going to do my best to have it done by Wednesday, so watch this space (or any of my other social media really) for updates. Draft by August!
Now, that puts me at publishing sometime in October. So I’m going to say now that I’ll have a tentative release date of October 15th.  That’s written in warm Jell-O right now. I’ll know more once I have a draft.
The reason I want to have this done by Wednesday is because I’ll be leaving Thursday for Indie Bookfest! I want to have the manuscript with me so I can start edits. Now, here’s the deal — if you’re attending IBF, and you see me sitting with a red pen and a BIG sheaf of papers, you can ask for a peek. I’ll show you chapter one.
Once the book is in the can, I’ll be taking two weeks off.  Then, on August 12th, I start work on Blood Bound, my BDSM vampire novel. One week later, on August 19th, I start work on Bones of Earth.
Look, I have a plan. Let’s see how that turns out!
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Work in Progress: Forged in Fire, week twenty seven

Forged in Fire
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 2

98263 / 95000 (103.43%)
This is the tome that does not end, and it goes on and on my friends…
That’s how it feels, anyway. This one is going to be a monster — we’ll be north of 100K words when we’re done here.  There are, I think, another four chapters. Perhaps five once all is said and done. So we’ll finish at thirty-five chapters or thereabouts. (I’m working on thirty right now.)
I was hoping to be further along than I am this week. But… well… Mercury went retrograde and all of my home technology decided to go haywire.  We’re talking gas leak in the brand-new dryer  and AC taking an unscheduled vacation in the middle of July.
Now, we’ve been talking about replacing the original to the house (aka 30 year old) AC unit. So when the AC went out, we starting getting estimates for a replacement. And that’s when we found out that they don’t make AC units that will fit in the space where the old one sits. Modern units are all too TALL (funny, I thought modern technology was supposed to be smaller than the older stuff).
So replacing the AC will involve, among other things, demolishing and rebuilding our AC closet.
Needless to say, I’ve been distracted by adulting and other things this week.  I did manage to get some writing done, but not NEARLY as much as I wanted.
I know what happens next. There’s that… and that other thing. There’s the big blowoff, and the big surprise. And the holy crap moment. And… maybe more mountains getting dropped.
And many, many more words.  Which I’ll get on the page starting tomorrow. For now, it’s after 10PM, and I need to get some sleep. I have to wrangle AC contractors first thing tomorrow, so that I CAN word.
This whole adulting gig is overrated.
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Work in Progress: Forged in Fire, week twenty-six


Forged in Fire
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 2

93439 / 95000 (98.36%)
Rocks are falling. No one has died. Yet. Owyn is about to take on his Aspect and raise up his Attribute, , to borrow a concept from Roger Zelazny (if you haven’t read Zelazny’s novel Lords of Light, add it to your reading list.) It’s not finished yet, but it’s a lot closer than it was last week. I’ll probably be walking around Indie Bookfest with a manuscript of Forged in Fire under my arm, and a red pen somewhere on my person, working on edits between panels.
Am I disappointed that I won’t have copies available at IBF? Well, yes. But, I’d rather push the book back than give you a shoddy book. So disappointed but not much. The book will be out in September or October, and will be on my table for one of those two shows.
Wait, two shows?
Yes, two. I’ve been asked to be a guest at a brand new convention here in Orlando. Keiser SuperCon is a one day convention at Keiser University, and will be held on September 14th. Check out their website here, or their Facebook page. (There’s more info on Facebook.) It looks like it will be a fun little convention, and the initial vibe is reminding me a lot of the early years of Johncon (at Johns Hopkins University).
And in other news… I can’t talk about the other news just yet. For right now… things. Just things.
Maybe a draft by next week? Let’s find out.
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